Welcome to the Political Economy Colloquium at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Modern political economy may be defined as the study of incentives in group life. The nature of cooperation and competition among individuals and organizations, the role of institutions in structuring individual behavior, and the aggregation of individual preferences into group choice are questions that are central to the study of political economy. Using tools and concepts that originate in economic theory, political economy has grown to encompass theoretical and applied work in economics, political science, sociology, and related disciplines. The Political Economy Colloquium features presentations on a wide range of topics within this field.

Our schedule for 2017-2018 can be viewed here. We meet jointly with other colloquia in the department, most often the Comparative Politics Colloquium, at lunch time in the Ogg Room (422 North Hall). In addition to a talk, invited speakers meet with graduate students and faculty members to discuss research. Those who are interested in meeting with speakers are encouraged to contact graduate student coordinators Anton Shirikov (shirikov@wisc.edu) and Chagai Weiss (cmweiss3@wisc.edu).

The Political Economy Colloquium is grateful for the generosity of the William R. Keech Fund for Political Economy and the gifts of Department alumni and friends.